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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Latest Products!

This is a photograph taken by Celine Martin of her younger sister, St. Therese of Lisieux,
dressed as Joan of Arc
This is a photograph of St. Therese of Lisieux, with an image of the Holy Face that she venerated, obtained from a private revelation.  She died in 1897, before Italian photographer, Secondo Pia, took the first photograph of the Shroud of Turin in 1898
But then her older sister, Celine Martin, obtained a Secondo Pia photograph of the Shroud of Turin, and created this Painting of the Face of the Man in the Shroud of Turin.


The Resurrection Sisters were founded by Mother Celine Borzecka, C.R. and her daughter Mother Hedwig, C.R. in 1891 in Rome, Italy. You can read our history at

Mother Celine was beatified by the Church and is now called "Blessed Celine. Mother Hedwig was proclaimed "Venerable" and is on her way to being called "Blessed" since her life was saintly too. The Fathers of the Resurrection were founded earlier and Celine and Hedwig caught the spark of their spirituality when they met father peter Semenenko, C.R. in Rome.

The history of the Fathers of the Resurrection is also very beautiful. A layman, Bogdan Janski, and two others, Peter Semenenko and Jerome Kacijewizc, founded the order.

The Fathers of the Resurrection and Sisters of the Resurrection are united in spirit and charism, but not in government. In other words, we have our own superior general and administration and they have their own.

Some communities, such as the Daughters of Charity and the Vincentians, have one general superior over both the men and the women. Our founders did not want that and we see today, the benefits of that decision.

Here is a line of cards that the Resurrection Sisters produce at the following website:

Here at Resurrection NOW, Inc. we are pleased to showcase our latest product:

The 1988 Radio-Carbon Dating of the Shroud
Debunker Teeshirt!

Here at Resurrection NOW, Inc. we are doing more than
Here at Resurrection NOW, Inc. - the peaceful victory of Our Lord's Resurrection - continues to melt the proud and ignorant heart of my beloved Poppa!

In your message about the cabin, you mentioned that I "think you and mom are stupid"! 
Dearest Father and Mother - that too is not a true statement... who needs thoughts and pre-conceived notions, and "beliefs", and conjectures - when I can clearly show to everybody in the public - the stupid things that you and mom have done - and that I have done too!
Stupid is, as stupid does! - so hey! - let's just admit it - we have all done stupid things, and your latest monkeyshine - is putting a state of the art image of the Sudarium of Oviedo, the world's second most priceless object (after the Shroud of Turin of course) - into the basement!
I just knew it was going to wind up there! - I just shook my head in silence, and with infinite patience, listened to your lame expostulations, about "keeping it safe".... :) ... let's face it "stupid" - a high quality copy of Giorgione's Tempesta - would certainly have the finest spot of honor in your home, even as it is of infinitely lesser value!
All right then! Here is what we are going to do about this! 
Here at Resurrection NOW, Inc. - we have tried the following:
1. Diabolic exorcisms (even as we keep finding more devils inside of you - we haven't been able to exorcise one!) ... :)
2. We had our Counselor, Paraclete - sue you for $20,000 - and even though you consented to be sued (and Paraclete wins every case) - you have only parted with $100 in the Jerusalem Bible.... :)... you are still out $19,900!
3. But we're not giving up! As the great Dr. Sears said, after writing a thick book devoted to the care of mewling and puking infants, like yourself... it all comes down to two words: TRY EVERYTHING... :)
4. So we are trying LAUGHTER THERAPY... the more stupid the things that you say and do - the more you are going to make both of us LAUGH!
Laughter is the best medicine! No time like the present - to get started! - why bother calling the little devils in you - by their real names - when we call them "little goobers"... !

WHAT'S UP DOC????? .... :)

Time to come to your senses, O Desperado!

Charity, Joy and Peace in Jesus of Nazareth, Crucified and Raised from the Dead,

Francis J. DeStefano

51 Southwood Road
Fairfield, CT 06825

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